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Backpack Tips for Backpacking

There is a great variety of backpacks that are made for different purposes, such as carrying a laptop or camera, carrying books for school, carrying baby supplies, and so on. In this article we will focus on backpacks for actual hiking or camping, including tips on how to use them.

Size of backpack of course will depend on intent—typically you’ll want a smaller backpack for day trips, and a larger backpack for overnight camping. There are certain items that should always be included in your backpack when hiking. At a minimum for day hikes, be sure to include items such as plentiful water, a first-aid kit (with bandages, soap, gauze, etc.), a head lamp in case you get caught without daylight, compass, sun screen, hand sanitizer, cell phone, map for where you are traversing (don’t expect to be able to use your cell phone, because coverage isn’t always there, and batteries can die out), hat, food (such as trail mix), and a rain jacket. If you’re walking in the mountains, remember that weather can change very quickly. Also, it’s important to bring some matches or some other way to make an emergency fire.

A recommended day pack is the Gregory Mountain Products Tahquitz Day Backpack. This day pack features rucksack styling, and Gregory Mountain is a high-quality brand. You will be able to easily carry the items mentioned above.

For more extensive hikes such as overnight camping, you will need more clothes, blanket, more food, perhaps a thermos with hot liquid, as well as overnight equipment such as sleeping bag, etc. In these situations you will be carrying more weight, and therefore it will be important to have a backpack that is well-designed and durable. Having multiple compartments will make it easier to organize your stuff and access it easily. A good waist belt will make a huge difference in providing support relief. An aluminum frame will provide strength without adding a great amount of weight to the backpack. If you’re camping with a tent, you will want to put your tent in your backpack last, because that will be the first thing you’l want to set up once you reach your destination.

For a product recommendation in this category, we really like Osprey, a brand that provides lifetime warranties. One such heavy-duty backpack is the Osprey Xenith 105, which you can see here. If you are carrying heavy loads, a backpack like this with an excellent suspension system will ease your work and make your hike more enjoyable. This backpack also has a huge storage capacity.

Backpacking is a great way to experience nature. As long as you observe safety protocols and use high-quality gear, you should have a great time. Be sure to use support belts as designed, to maximize efficiency in balancing the weight you are carrying. Get to know your backpack and all of its features, and you’ll be well ahead of the game.

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